Guide to selection

Guide to selection

Terminologies & Explanations

Please note most suspension development has been carried out on Australian specification models.
Therefore, some differences may exist between the same model in another country. Overseas customers will
need to make allowances for these possible differences.

Supplying all items shown on suspension selection charts will ensure the system can be fitted, however, there will be vehicles which will not require all
items, eg. Trimming kits, caster kits, all U bolts shown, etc. Actual, individual vehicle requirements can only be determined when the suspension
system is fitted.

GVM - GROSS VEHICLE MASS: Set by the vehicle manufacturer and is determined by brake, axle, differential and tyre
specifications. Exceeding GVM ratings can have legal and safety implications and is not recommended.

LOAD RATING - FRONT: Weights shown are maximum permissible loads with regard to accessories fitted, eg. Bull
bar, winch, dual battery, etc.

LOAD RATING: The explanations below indicates the passenger and load weights that will provide optimum ride and


LIGHT LOAD: Full passenger load with luggage weights up to 150kg.

MEDIUM LOAD: Full passenger load with luggage weight varying from 200kg to 350kg.

CONSTANT LOAD: The minimum constant load shown on selection chart is required for optimum spring performance.

Please note: These loads are approximate only. Refer to individual vehicle selection for load specifications.

LIFT HEIGHT: Is shown as a guide only and equates to the amount of lift over the vehicle<*q*>s original ride height. This
amount can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

OE: Original Equipment, as supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

SHOCK ABSORBERS: Where two part numbers are given for the same application the part with the asterisk (*)
indicates the shock absorber with the firmer ride.

SPRING BUSH: OME polyurethane spring eye bushes on installation must only be greased in the bore and on the
flange area and regularly thereafter with OME polyurethane grease.

STEERING STABILISER: Designed as a larger capacity replacement for the OE part and incorporates 50/50 neutral

CASTER KIT: The OMECA77B, CALR1 and CALR2 kits consist of 4 eccentric bushes which are pressed into the
leading arms of the vehicle. This will induce positive caster into the front geometry.

LEAF SPRINGS: A & B springs can be used to compensate for uneven vehicle weight distribution. Springs marked "A"
have a greater camber height than springs marked <*q*>B<*q*>. <*q*>A<*q*> type springs are generally fitted to the driver<*q*>s side and <*q*>B<*q*>
springs to the passenger side.

COIL SPRINGS: A & B springs are used to compensate for uneven vehicle weight distribution. <*q*>A<*q*> type springs are
generally higher in free high than the <*q*>B<*q*> spring. Individual coil specifications are listed in the back of this publication.

GEARBOX PACKER KIT: Designed to space down the gearbox cross member from the chassis to reduce tail shaft
flange angle thereby reducing driveline vibration.

GREASABLE SHACKLES: Replacement for original shackles allow easy regular greasing of polyurethane spring eye

TRIM PACKERS: The prime purpose of a trim packer is to correct slight vehicle leaning.
VEHICLES WITH LEAF SPRINGS UNDER SLUNG: Trim packer when fitted will reduce suspension height.
VEHICLES WITH LEAF SPRINGS OVER SLUNG: Trim packer when fitted will increase suspension height.
VEHICLES WITH COIL SPRINGS: Polyurethane trim packer main purpose is to correct slight vehicle
trimming problems and will increase ride height when fitted.


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